UN atomic watchdog renews call to Iran for transparency on nuclear activities

The United Nations atomic watchdog agency today emphasized the need for transparency and proactive cooperation by Iran to resolve outstanding questions over its nuclear activities following omissions in information Tehran provided in accordance with treaties seeking to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

UN nuclear watchdog chief in Washington for talks with Bush, US officials

The head of the United Nations atomic watchdog agency is in Washington today for talks with senior officials of the United States on a range of issues, including the agency's verification of Iran's nuclear programme.

Iran accepts new UN inspections starting next week, IAEA chief reports

Iran will accept the return of weapons experts from the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency later this month, its Director-General announced today in Washington, D.C.

Citing key omissions, UN nuclear watchdog board urges full reporting by Iran

Noting with “serious concern” omissions by Iran in reporting on its clandestine nuclear ambitions, the Board of Governors of the United Nations atomic watchdog agency today called on Tehran to take a number of steps to rectify the situation.

UN nuclear watchdog ‘seriously concerned’ over gaps in Iran’s declaration

While noting with satisfaction marked progress in cooperation by Iran, the head of the United Nations atomic watchdog agency today voiced serious concern over gaps in Tehran’s declaration of nuclear activities and called on it to take the “vital” initiative to provide all relevant information fully and promptly in the coming months.