News in Brief 03 January 2018

Loss of life in Iran protests deplored by UN chief

A wave of anti-Government protests which have taken place across Iran have left more than 20 dead, according to news reports, leading the UN chief to deplore the loss of life.

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Death penalty in Iran applied “for all kinds of crimes”: UN expert

The death penalty is applied for many different crimes in Iran, but no official figures are released for who is on death row, or what they are accused of.

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News in Brief 17 July 2017 (PM)

UN “deeply concerned” for safety of civilians in Raqqa

The UN and the humanitarian community remain “deeply concerned” for the safety of people trapped in Raqqa city in Syria, the deputy UN spokesperson has said.

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News in Brief 8 June 2017 (AM)

Iran parliament attack “barbaric and cowardly:” UN Security Council

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News in Brief 17 April 2017 (AM)

Iraq: Mosul displaced approaching 500,000

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News in Brief 10 February 2016 (AM) – Geneva

South Sudan refugee numbers hit 1.5 million

More than 1.5 million people have now fled conflict in South Sudan, making it Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

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News in Brief 16 January 2017(PM)

Iran nuclear accord marks significant milestone: UN

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News in Brief 24 November 2016

War-related trauma care established outside Iraqi city

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Refugees need more help earning a living

Refugees need more support to learn the skillsets required earn a living.

That’s according to Filippo Grandi, head of the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

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Saudi Arabia executions provoke reactions in region and at UN

The recent mass execution in Saudi Arabia continues to spur reactions in the region and at the UN in New York.

On Saturday the Kingdom announced that it had executed 47 prisoners, including a prominent Shia cleric, on terrorism-related charges.

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