IOM calls on Social Media to 'help explain the dangers' of migration

Social media companies, in particular Facebook, need to do more to "help explain the dangers" of embarking on migrant journeys in search of a better life.

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People-smuggling networks in Libya 'must be tracked and prosecuted'

Illegal smuggling networks which have imprisoned, tortured and abused thousands of migrants trying to cross Libya, “must be tracked and prosecuted”.

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Migrants are “the ultimate agents” of development worldwide

Migrants and refugees need to be seen as the “ultimate agents” of development across the world, said the head of the UN migration agency (IOM) on Wednesday.

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Child trafficking data highlights 'broken family dynamics'

Family is assumed to be a protective structure, but this is not always the case.

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Families involved in nearly half of all child trafficking cases: IOM

Family members are linked to nearly half of all identified cases of child trafficking, new data released on Tuesday by the UN Migration Agency, IOM, has revealed.

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IOM chief pleads for humanitarian access to save lives in Yemen

The head of the UN migration agency, IOM, was in Yemen on Monday to stress the need for immediate humanitarian access in order to save millions of lives.

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Lifesaving aid reaches displaced inside Myanmar

Aid has started to arrive in Myanmar’s Rakhine state where ongoing violence has forced nearly 400,000 civilians to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh.

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Flow of “desperate” Rohingya refugees “unprecedented”: IOM

The flow of desperate Rohingya refugees fleeing across the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh is “unprecedented in terms of volume and speed”.

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Paris summit explores solutions to migrant crisis

The challenge for political leaders attending a summit on migration hosted by France on Monday will be to give people options other than having to trust smugglers, the UN has said.

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Migration, human trafficking major challenges in Libya: UN official

It is important to look at migration in Libya “not just as an internal problem, but as a regional issue.”

That’s according to Maria do Valle Ribeiro, deputy head of the UN mission in the country, UNSMIL.

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