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UN Photo/Loey Felipe

Durban +20: ‘Nobody’ is free from the impacts of racism, intolerance

As the UN independent expert on contemporary racism and intolerance, Tendayi Achiume leads a worldwide effort to combat related human rights violations and tackle systemic racism, through fact-finding missions on the ground, investigating alleged violations, and submitting her findings to the UN Human Rights Council and General Assembly in New York.

The Zambian-born law professor tells UN News that it was as an undergraduate that she became fascinated with the potential and power that international law has to ease human suffering, and help transform societies.

Children in Ukraine play with an SDG poster illustrating children from different races around the world.
UNDP Ukraine/Oleksandr Ratushnyak

‘Diversity is a form of wealth, not a factor of division,’ UNESCO chief says ahead of International Day for Tolerance

At a time when extremism and fanaticism are too often unleashed, when “the venom of hatred” continues to poison a part of humanity, “tolerance has never been more vital a virtue”, the United Nations cultural agency’s chief has said in her message on the International Day for Tolerance.

General Assembly President Sam Kutesa addresses a press conference.
UN Photo/Mark Garten

UN Assembly President urges collective action to end intolerance, promote reconciliation

On the heels of a two-day United Nations High-Level meeting on Promoting Tolerance and Reconciliation, Fostering Peaceful, Inclusive Societies and Countering Violent Extremism, President of General Assembly, Sam Kutesa, has called for the defeat of obscurantism and urged faith leaders around the world to denounce those who preach intolerance in the name of religion.