International Labour Organization

News in Brief 16 August 2017 (PM)

UN mission concludes Colombia arms removal process

The process of extracting arms and scrap ammunition from rebel camps in Colombia has been completed, the UN mission in the country has reported.

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News in Brief 28 June 2017 (AM)

Berlin meeting focuses on development and economic benefits of migration

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Greening world of work is the future: UN labour chief

Decent “green” jobs are the future and they must be placed at the heart of the sustainable development agenda, the chief of the International Labour Organization (ILO) said on Monday.

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News in brief 26 April (PM)

Innovation turns problems into progress, UN says on World IP Day

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News in Brief 22 March 2017 (AM)

“Everyone can do their bit” to re-use more wastewater

Everyone around the world “can do their bit” to reduce and re-use wastewater.

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Actress Patricia Arquette joins UN fight to close gender pay gap

Activists, celebrities and governments are joining the UN to combat what they describe as the “great robbery” of pay inequality

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Public employment schemes help combat inequalities: ILO

Women are often employed in unpaid work, but public employment programmes can help address this inequality.

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Global unemployment rate expected to rise by 3.4 million: ILO

The global unemployment rate is expected to rise by 3.4 million this year, bringing the number of jobless people to just over 201 million.

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