UN expert on democracy highlights importance of free expression, information

There can be no democracy without freedom of opinion, a United Nations independent expert said today, highlighting the importance of access to information as he also presented his ideas on making the main bodies of the UN – the General Assembly and the Security Council – more democratic.

UN General Assembly spotlights need to boost regional digital connectivity

One in five households in developing countries are now connected to the Internet but more must be done to bridge the digital divide with the developed world, the President of the General Assembly said today opening a discussion on boosting regional telecommunications transit routes.

More people must know about vital UN work with support from States, official says

United Nations staff members are on the frontlines in such vital endeavours as providing life-saving aid to victims of conflict, vaccinating millions of children and leading the fight to end extreme poverty and violence against women – and their story must be told to the global audience, the Organization’s communications chief said today.