Key UN forum in Asia-Pacific sets its sights on combatting inequality

With concern growing that the divide between rich and poor is continuing to widen – especially in the Asia-Pacific region – top United Nations officials are calling for greater emphasis on growth that leads to fairer societies and a healthier planet.

UN Gender Focus: climate crises, Pacific women and public employment

Resilient health care systems “bread and butter” in helping women cope with climate crises: WHO

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UN Gender Focus: female athletes, economic inequality and sexual violence

Female Olympic athletes show “we are all created equal, we can all achieve”

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“High correlation” between inequality and unrest

When people are less equal, there’s more likelihood of social and political unrest; that’s the view of Harvard University Professor and Nobel Laureate, Eric Maskin.

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New global agenda promises sustainable future for all

A new global development agenda that promises a sustainable future for all people and the planet has been adopted by the 193 countries that make up the United Nations.

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Charity is not only about the rich giving to the poor

Charity is not only about the rich giving to the poor, but also about “everyday” people helping each other out.

That’s according to Eva Schafer, a human rights and social development officer at the Hungarian Mission to the UN.

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“Social contract” critical to implement post-2015 agenda

A new social contract between governments and their people is critical if the UN’s global development agenda is to deliver on its promise to end extreme poverty and inequality by 2030.

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World Day for Social Justice: UN urges action to end poverty, overcome inequality

United Nations officials are marking the World Day of Social Justice with strong calls on the international community to take practical steps to break down the barriers of inequality by doing more to empower individuals through decent work, provide adequate social protection, and ensure the voices of the poor are heard.

Warning of 'humanity divided,' UN urges job creation, inclusive growth strategies

Raising the alarm against deepening income disparities in countries around the world, the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) called today for a shift to more inclusive growth patterns – supported by redistributive polices and changes in social norms.

Leaders of Latin American countries urge major push to promote social justice, end inequality

Political leaders from the Latin American region warned the United Nations General Assembly today that deepening inequality and unfair economic policies condemn vulnerable people to the margins of society and prevent small countries from enjoying the rights enshrined in the UN Charter, and urged a new global commitment to peaceful, inclusive development.