Ban praises adoption of Peruvian law on consultation with indigenous peoples

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended Peru’s recent adoption of laws compelling governments and private companies to consult indigenous communities before going ahead with major projects such as mines that affect them.

Indigenous peoples suffer abuses in race for natural resources – UN rights expert

Extraction of natural resources and other major development projects in or near the territories of indigenous peoples is one of the most significant sources of abuse of their human rights worldwide, an independent United Nations expert warned today.

Peru: UN human rights expert commends new indigenous consultation law

Peru has taken “an important step forward” by approving a law compelling private companies to consult indigenous communities before going ahead with major projects such as mines, a United Nations human rights expert said today.

UN urges greater appreciation of indigenous culture and creativity

United Nations officials today urged the world to recognize the right of indigenous peoples to control their intellectual property, saying they need help to protect, develop and receive fair compensation for their cultural heritage and traditional knowledge.

Peru: UN expert on indigenous rights calls for dialogue after deadly mining protests

An independent United Nations human rights expert today urged the Peruvian Government and indigenous leaders in the country’s southeast to hold peaceful dialogue to resolve the deadly conflict over mining and oil development.

Australia: UN urges rethink of policies on indigenous peoples and asylum-seekers

While stressing Australia’s long-standing commitment to human rights, a top United Nations official today said the country is failing to protect certain groups and urged it to rethink its policies towards indigenous peoples and asylum-seekers.

UN forum delegates urge recognition of indigenous communities’ right to water

Indigenous communities are often not consulted when decisions are made on the use and management of water sources, despite the fact the access to the resource is vital for their cultural vitality and resilience, delegates attending the United Nation forum on indigenous issues said today.

UN launches new initiative to promote rights of world’s indigenous peoples

Four United Nations entities today launched a new initiative to promote and protect the rights of indigenous peoples, aiming to strengthen their institutions and ability to fully participate in governance and policy processes at the local and national levels.

State responsibility to uphold rights of indigenous people stressed at UN forum

United Nations Member States have the responsibility to uphold the human rights principles outlined in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a member of the UN forum focusing on the issues said today, adding that violations of the fundamental rights of those communities persist.

Indigenous peoples’ forum opens at UN with call to turn rights into reality

The annual United Nations forum aimed at advancing the rights of the estimated 370 million indigenous persons around the world opened today with a call to turn those rights into a practical reality.