Indigenous Peoples

‘Free, informed consent’ of Indigenous Peoples over land-use, is key: forum chair

The “free, informed consent” of Indigenous Peoples over how their historic territory is used, is a key demand arising from the latest UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which ended on Friday.

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Indigenous peoples have “come a long way” in past decade: Cree chief

Indigenous peoples have “come a long way” since signing the UN Declaration on their rights a decade ago and need to celebrate their achievements, a chief of the

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Indigenous often "overlooked" in conservation effort: FAO

Indigenous peoples have a “key role” in wildlife conservation because of their “deep understanding” of the native ecology.

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Countries should not be afraid to implement the rights of indigenous peoples

Countries should not be afraid to strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples as guaranteed by a UN Declaration adopted a decade ago, a

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Indigenous people's "contributions" to mitigate climate change

Indigenous people across the world have made “contributions” to help mitigate climate change by conserving forests and high biodiversity areas.

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Human rights should be “priority” in conservation efforts

Everyone involved in efforts to conserve the environment must make the human rights of indigenous people a “priority.”

That’s the message that a UN independent expert is taking to the World Conservation Congress which opens in Hawaii on Thursday.

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“Do things together” for education’s sake: Indigenous leader

When it comes to true educational equality for the world’s indigenous peoples, nation states need to “work together” with local leaders and embrace their common heritage.

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Brazilian government needs “more pressure” to protect indigenous rights

More pressure needs to be put on Brazil’s government to protect the rights of indigenous peoples.

That’s according to the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.

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Young indigenous women in USA need better protection

Young indigenous women in the United States need to be better protected under the law.

That’s the opinion of Robin Minthorn, a citizen of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and a professor of Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico.

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Indigenous groups in Bangladesh face discrimination in state services

Indigenous groups in Bangladesh still face discrimination accessing basic state services including health care and education.

That’s according to Raja Devasish Roy, Chief of the Chakma, an indigenous people native to the South Asian country.

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