Iceland to take vacated US seat on Human Rights Council

Iceland has for the first time been elected to the Human Rights Council, filling the seat vacated by the United States, which withdrew from the body last month, citing bias.

Barbershop Conference: Changing the conversation over equality

Despite years of policies to promote gender equality in the workplace, no country has managed to make it a reality.

That’s one of the findings of a report launched at the second Barbershop Conference, held in July at UN Headquarters in New York.

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Climate action pledged by companies in Iceland

Businesses in Iceland are being urged to “dig” into their operations to find ways to reduce harmful gas emissions.

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Iceland champions gender equality at the UN

Iceland has been demonstrating to the international community why it ranks number one in the world in closing the gender gap.

The Nordic country recently hosted a conference at the United Nations to highlight the influence society has in the way men treat women.

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UN chief hails Iceland’s contribution to gender parity, international justice

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended Iceland for its contributions to the international community in such critical areas as international criminal justice, gender equality and regulation of the use of the world’s oceans.

UN expert group urges new Icelandic authorities to sustain gender empowerment efforts

As the world’s top performer on gender equality, Iceland needs to sustain its achievements and bridge remaining gaps on employment and gender based violence, a group of independent United Nations experts today urged as the country’s newly formed Government took office.

UN assisting efforts to monitor spread of ash from Icelandic volcano’s eruption

Members of a United Nations network of volcanic ash advisory centres around the world are monitoring a volcano in Iceland that has erupted and spewed ash high into the air, disrupting airline travel over parts of Europe.

Icelandic volcano spotlights need for global disaster risk reduction plans – UN official

The recent eruption of a volcano in Iceland, which grounded flights in Europe for nearly one week, has exposed the world’s vulnerability to such disruptive events and underscored the need for global plans to minimize fallouts in the future, a top United Nations official said today.