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Hurricane Maria

Six months after the 2017 hurricane season which devastated many islands in the Caribbean  communities have been rebuilt (file February 2018).
UNDP/Michael Atwood

Caribbean hurricane season ‘will be different this time’

In September 2017 two category five hurricanes swept across the Caribbean, devastating island communities in the region.  In the 2nd part of this special report marking the one year anniversary of hurricanes Irma and Maria hitting the Caribbean, UN News looks at how the UN has responded, helping communities to get back on their feet, and preparing them for the inevitability of more damaging hurricanes in the future.

UNDP/Zaimis Olmos

Hurricane-hit Dominica recovering despite power, economic troubles

Three months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria delivered a major blow to the island of Dominica, life is resuming on the Caribbean island.

Schools are open, and food and water needs have been met. But only 10 per cent of the homes have electricity and the two main job areas — agriculture and tourism — have been badly hit.

Veronique Durroux speaks by phone to Luca Renda, UN Development Programme (UNDP) team leader and head of UN crisis management on Dominica, about the situation and UN efforts to help.

Duration: 6’41”

UN News/Daniel Johnson

Hurricane island expat: I still haven’t heard from Dominica relatives

A UN worker in Geneva who is from one of the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Maria has spoken of her fears for her family there, whom she has been unable to contact.

Sylvie Castonguay, who works for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva, was speaking after the Category Four hurricane hit Dominica at the start of the week, reportedly killing at least 15 people.