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Hurricane Irma

Six months after the 2017 hurricane season which devastated many islands in the Caribbean  communities have been rebuilt (file February 2018).
UNDP/Michael Atwood

Caribbean hurricane season ‘will be different this time’

In September 2017 two category five hurricanes swept across the Caribbean, devastating island communities in the region.  In the 2nd part of this special report marking the one year anniversary of hurricanes Irma and Maria hitting the Caribbean, UN News looks at how the UN has responded, helping communities to get back on their feet, and preparing them for the inevitability of more damaging hurricanes in the future.

Cricket helping young hurricane evacuees “Return to Happiness”

Cricket is helping Caribbean children to forget the horrors of Hurricane Irma.

The Category 5 storm, which hit in early September, decimated the tiny island of Barbuda, forcing families to seek shelter on the sister island of Antigua.

There, the Ministry of Education and the West Indies Cricket Board recently organized a match bringing together children from both sides.

UN Photo/Logan Abassi

Seek safety ahead of Hurricane Irma, UNICEF urges Haitians

Haitians who are bracing themselves for the arrival of the Category 5 Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, need to prepare themselves and move out of harm’s way if necessary.

That’s according to the UN Children’s Fund Deputy Representative, Jean Metenier, speaking on the line from the capital, Port au Prince.

The UNICEF official said the huge storm was due to arrive over the northern part of Haiti on Thursday, and batter the island nation into Friday.