New campaign in Hungary “fuelling xenophobia”

Hungary is being urged to refrain from “policies and practices that promote intolerance”.

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Telecoms should serve society, not just corporations

Information technology should focus less on business and more on civil society, according to one media guru, speaking at the UN’s major telecoms conference this week.

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European proposal to relocate extra 120,000 refugees welcomed

A new proposal by the European Commission to relocate thousands of refugees crossing into Europe has been welcomed by the United Nations.

The EC’s plan is to relocate an additional 120,000 people seeking asylum in Greece, Italy and Hungary to other European nations.

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Charity is not only about the rich giving to the poor

Charity is not only about the rich giving to the poor, but also about “everyday” people helping each other out.

That’s according to Eva Schafer, a human rights and social development officer at the Hungarian Mission to the UN.

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