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News in Brief 31 January 2019

  • Syria: ‘Violence, displacement’ and cold kill 11 infants ‘in the past two days’
  • Boom in Artificial Intelligence patents, points to ‘quantum leap’ in tech
  • UN appeals for more than $162 million in aid to Ukraine
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“Burundians live in fear,” UN Special Adviser tells Security Council

Many Burundians live in fear because of “widespread repression and increasing intimidation by the ruling party’s youth militia, the Imbonerakure”, the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Conflict Prevention told the Security Council

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Syria life expectancy drops by 20 years

Life expectancy in Syria has dropped by 20 years, the UN humanitarian chief told ambassadors meeting in New York on Tuesday.

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Concern over civilians trapped in Iraqi city

Aid officials are “extremely worried” about the humanitarian situation in the Iraqi city of Fallujah which has been under the control of the terrorist group, ISIL, also known as Daesh, for several years.

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Humanitarian situation in Yemen “near to catastrophic”

One year in to the conflict in Yemen, the humanitarian situation is extremely dire and in some areas “near to catastrophic” according to the UN’s humanitarian coordinator in the country.

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Rising tensions follow restrictions on refugees at Balkan borders

Tensions are rising amongst migrants and refugees at the main entry point into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from Greece, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

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“Positive trajectory” for humanitarian situation in Pakistan

The humanitarian situation in Pakistan has a “positive trajectory” despite an ongoing crisis, according to a senior UN official who has just visited the country.

Five million Pakistanis have been displaced by conflict in recent years, but many are now returning home.

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“Harrowing” situation for people in Aden, Yemen

The situation for people living in the Yemeni port city of Aden has been described as “harrowing” by the top United Nations relief official in the country.

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Envoy calls for continued international support for Iraq

Iraq has been living through one of the most difficult phases of its modern history, the head of the UN mission in the country told the Security Council on Wednesday.

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