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3.3 million South Sudanese in need of food aid

Up to 3.3 million people could need food aid in South Sudan according to the UN’s World Food Programme.

Poor rainfall and displacements caused by conflict have contributed to what’s been described as a crisis.

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Humanitarian chief outlines “enormous” challenges in South Sudan

Displacement caused by inter-ethnic violence and a stream of refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Sudan, are some of the challenges facing the new nation of South Sudan.

That assessment comes from UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos, who is on her first mission to the country.

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Famine over in Somalia

“We just received the new data from food security and nutrition analysis in Somalia and we can say that no more, any region in Somalia under famine conditions.”

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North Korea, a “humanitarian basket case”

North Korea has been described as a humanitarian basket case by a senior UN official.

The isolated Asian country has recently undergone a change in leadership with the international community hoping that it will open up and address human rights issues.

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Blast hits Somali refugee camp shortly after UN-escorted visit

An explosion at a refugee camp in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday has killed up to 7 people according to initial reports.

The blast came just hours after the UN had escorted a group of local and foreign journalists to view a feeding centre there.

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$300 million needed to help Gaza and West Bank

Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the West Bank continue to depend on outside help to survive.

The UN Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) has appealed for just over $300 million to continue its projects in the territories.

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Job creation in Haiti key to development

The creation of jobs in Haiti is being seen as a key element in the recovery of the Caribbean island, two years after it was devastated by an earthquake.

Over 200,000 people were killed when the earthquake struck on January 12th 2010.

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“Massive” emergency operation launched in South Sudan

A “massive” emergency operation has been launched in South Sudan following inter-ethnic violence in Jonglei state.

The Government of South Sudan declared the area a disaster zone after 6000 Lou Nuer youths went on a rampage attacking rival Murle people.

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Cash handouts for poorest Liberians

The poorest women in Liberia, are being given cash handouts as a first step to getting out of poverty.

It’s estimated that almost half of the population in the West African country are living in poverty…that’s despite years of economic growth there.

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Humanitarian support for ransacked South Sudan towns

The humanitarian aid effort has been stepped up in two towns in South Sudan towns which were attacked by a group of armed youth.

Pibor town and Likuangole, home to the majority Murle ethnic group were attacked by 6000 men from the Lou Nuer tribe during the past 10 days.

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