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Record 800,000 forced to flee conflict in 2011: UNHCR

A record 800,000 people crossed borders fleeing conflict last year, the highest number of new refugees since the beginning of the century, according to the UN’s refugee agency.

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UN given access to deliver humanitarian aid in Syria

United Nations agencies have been given the green light to begin delivering humanitarian assistance in Syria.

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Sudanese refugees flow into South Sudan’s Upper Nile State

Thousands of refugees from Sudan have massed at a border area in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State, according to the United Nations refugee agency (

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Displaced people in Somaliland get permanent homes

Twenty years ago thousands fled Somaliland into neighbouring countries.

Today peace has returned to this corner of war-torn Somalia, bringing many refugees and displaced back home.

Most initially return to makeshift camps and continue to live as displaced people.

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More than half of South Sudanese to face food insecurity

Over half the population of South Sudan, or some 4.7 million people, are at risk of going hungry this year, according to an assessment by food agencies and the country’s government.

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UN Humanitarian Affairs chief makes first trip to Afghanistan

The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs is calling on donor states to continue supporting the people of Afghanistan now more than ever.

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Syrian refugees flood into neighbouring countries

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees continue to cross into neighbouring countries to escape violence in their country.

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Children’s lives in danger in Sahel

The Sahel region of West Africa is facing a serious food crisis brought on by drought that is threatening the lives of millions of people.

The crisis in the region, which covers eight countries, has been compounded by rising food and fuel prices, as well as conflict in Mali.

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Irregular migrants fear state violence

Migrants who go to work in other countries may not only face violence from criminals, but also from government authorities in those countries according to a UN independent human rights expert.

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UN observer mission to be deployed to Syria

A week after sending an advance monitoring team to Syria, the Security Council has authorized deployment of a full UN observer mission to the country.

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