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“Absolutely devastating” situation for children in Iraq

The situation for children in Iraq has been described as “absolutely devastating” by the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

The agency says that ongoing conflict in the country is keeping two million young people out of school.

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An end to the “misery” is in sight, Somalis tell UN

After 25 years of conflict and misery, the Somali people see an end in sight.

That’s according to John Ging, head of operations at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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Women fleeing gangs in Central America fuel new refugee crisis

The number of women in Central America and Mexico fleeing gang violence is rising at an alarming rate, fuelling a new refugee crisis in the region.

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UN Gender Focus: sexual violence against women and bringing hope to Afghan women

Culture of “denial and silence” around sexual violence must be broken

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Only political settlement will end civilian suffering in Darfur

Only a “political settlement” between the Sudanese government and armed opposition will allow millions to return home in Darfur.

That’s according a the senior UN official briefing the Security Council on Wednesday.

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Pace of displacement in Syria “remains relentless”

The pace of civilian displacement across Syria “remains relentless”.

That’s according to the UN’s Humanitarian Affairs chief, briefing the Security Council on Tuesday.

Stephen O’Brien said the number of Syrian civilians needing protection had increased by 1.2m so far this year.

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Quake "shows why countries must prepare for worst"

Time “is running out” to help people trapped in the rubble nearly 48 hours after a massive earthquake struck the mountainous border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, UN experts said Tuesday.

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Europe can’t leave refugees to “fend for themselves”

Europe can’t be divided and leave refugees to fend for themselves in winter, said the president of the European Union on Sunday night.

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Peace talks on Yemen conflict soon to get underway

Negotiations aimed at ending the bloodshed in Yemen will soon get underway, aimed at restoring peace to the beleaguered country.

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Most desperate time for migrants may be yet to come

The most desperate time for migrants and refugees who have arrived in Europe may be yet to come.

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