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Broken migration policies focus of international meeting

The plight of millions of migrants and refugees worldwide was the focus of a major meeting called by the UN Secretary-General on Wednesday.

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Respect the dignity of migrants fleeing to Europe

Refugees fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, deserve to be treated with dignity not suspicion, said the head of the International Organization for Migration, or IOM.

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UN asks the world to “step up” with more peacekeepers

United Nations peacekeeping operations are unable to keep up with rising demand in a more dangerous world, a summit at UN headquarters heard today.

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The Syria crisis must be resolved say world leaders

During the opening of the General Debate on Monday, world leaders urged a resolution to Syria’s brutal civil war - but offered different solutions on the best way forward.

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UN and partners spotlight gap between rising humanitarian needs and available resources

As discussions on the new global sustainable development agenda continued at the United Nations in New York, world leaders, UN officials and humanitarian partners focused on one of the most important challenges today, namely the growing gap between the increasing numbers of people in need of humanitarian assistance and sufficient resources to provide relief.

Humanitarian situation in Lake Chad region made worse by Boko Haram

Violence by the Boko Haram terrorist group has uprooted more than two million people in the Lake Chad Basin countries in Africa, a region the UN says was already facing drought, high malnutrition and other humanitarian challenges.

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Child refugees "up 80 per cent" in Europe

The number of child refugees seeking safe passage in Europe has increased by 80 per cent since 2014, the UN Children’s Agency, UNICEF, said Tuesday.

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Tensions between Colombia and Venezuela "put citizens at risk"

The lack of a political solution to the on-going tensions between Colombia and Venezuela is of great concern, according to a top UN official in the region.

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Afghan refugee exodus sign of people’s “despondency”

The migration of people from Afghanistan is a reflection of their “despondency” in their homeland, the senior UN official in the country told the Security Council on Thursday.

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European proposal to relocate extra 120,000 refugees welcomed

A new proposal by the European Commission to relocate thousands of refugees crossing into Europe has been welcomed by the United Nations.

The EC’s plan is to relocate an additional 120,000 people seeking asylum in Greece, Italy and Hungary to other European nations.

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