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"Horrified" UN rights chief calls for EU action on migrants

Reaction has been swift from the UN’s human rights chief following the deaths of 700 migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean at the weekend.

In a statement on Monday UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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Billions of people still affected by water and sanitation issues

One billion people in the world still need access to improved water and two billion need access to improved sanitation, according to the World Bank.

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US$274m needed to help “ordinary families” survive Yemen conflict

An emergency UN appeal launched Friday for $274 million to help 7.5 million people directly affected by fighting in Yemen.

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Better crisis coordination needed between military and civil organizations

Coordination between military and civil organizations in times of humanitarian crises needs to be improved according to a senior disaster relief expert in Singapore.

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Millions of Yemenis face food insecurity amidst escalating conflict

As the conflict escalates in Yemen almost 11 million people are said to be severely food insecure and millions more are at risk of not meeting their basic food needs.

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Race to prepare Haiti for hurricane season as rains hit

Heavy rains have hit Haiti in recent days leaving 50,000 people homeless and nearly 9,000 homes flooded, UN humanitarian workers say.

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Kenya urged not to close refugee camp

The Kenyan government has been urged by the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, to rethink its decision to close the Dadaab refugee camp in the north of the East African country.

Dadaab is home to 350,000 mainly Somali refugees.

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“Extreme worry” over “tragedy” in Yarmouk camp

The plight of 18,000 Palestinian and Syrian civilians living in a besieged camp in Syria continues to cause what has been described by the UN as “extreme worry.”

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South Sudan camps for displaced prepared for rainy season

Efforts are underway in South Sudan to ensure displaced civilians in United Nations camps are properly protected ahead of the rainy season, due later this month.

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Situation in Yemen getting “worse by the hour”

The situation in Yemen is getting worse by the hour, according to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

Fighting between Houthi rebels and an Arab coalition supporting the Yemeni Government is putting millions of people at risk of physical injury or death.

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