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Second wave of refugees from Syria enter Lebanon

More than 10,000 Syrians have fled into Lebanon since a fresh offensive on the city of Yabroud and its outskirts began on 12 February, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

Syria has been at civil war for the last three years during which time more than 100,000 people have been killed.

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Protection of civilians “unheeded”

The need to protect civilians in time of conflict is often going “unheeded” according to a senior United Nations official.

As violence continues in Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, the UN is turning its attention on how best to protect civilians.

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Security situation deteriorates in Central African Republic

The security situation in the Central African Republic continues to deteriorate and threatens to degenerate into lawlessness.

The crisis started in December 2012 when rebels attacked government forces but has become an inter-religious conflict.

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Children evacuated from Syrian city “terrified, frail and emaciated”

Children who have been evacuated from the old city of Homs in Syria have been described by the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF as “terrified, frail and emaciated.”

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UN envoy appeals to warring parties to end “nightmare” of Syrian people

The UN and Arab league envoy for Syria is urging the warring parties in Syria to end what he has called the “nightmare” that Syrian people are experiencing.

More than 100,000 people have been killed during the three-year conflict and millions have fled their homes.

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Evacuation of besieged Syrian city continues

The evacuation of people from the besieged city of Homs in Syria is continuing on Monday.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent working with the United Nations said it had brought 700 people out of the city over the past two days and had been able to deliver aid to some families.

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Warring parties in Syria return to Geneva peace talks

The government and opposition forces in Syria are due to return to Geneva on Monday in an attempt to agree on a peace deal to bring an end to three years of civil war.

Over 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict and millions have fled their homes.

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“Small breakthrough” as humanitarian aid delivered to besieged Syrian city

The delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of besieged people from the Syrian city of Homs has been described as a “small breakthrough” by the UN’s humanitarian office,

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Malnutrition threatens lives of 50,000 children in Mali

Up to 50,000 children in Mali may die of malnutrition this year if they don’t receive enough food on time.

This warning has come from the top United Nations humanitarian official in the country.

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Children in Syria conflict suffer torture, sexual abuse and other grave violations: UN

The ongoing conflict in Syria has an alarming impact on children, a new UN report warns.

The Secretary-General’s very first report on children and armed conflict in Syria describes in detail horrific acts of child abuse committed by “all parties to the conflict” since 2011.

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