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Full food rations to be reinstated for refugees in Kenya

Full food rations for nearly 500,000 people in two refugee camps in Kenya will be resumed in January, thanks to a donation of US$45 million.

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District by district strategy needed to fight Ebola in Liberia

A district by district strategy is needed to fight Ebola in Liberia, according to the head of the UN Mission for Emergency Ebola Response (UNMEER).

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Re-opening of Nile River corridor critical for delivery of food aid

The re-opening of the Nile River to aid convoys has made an enormous difference in efforts to deliver food to conflict-affected states in South Sudan.

That’s according to the World Food Programme or WFP.

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“Tough year” for humanitarian crises expected in 2015

2015 is expected to be what’s been described as a “tough year” for the international community as it struggles to deal with an increasing number of humanitarian crises.

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“Remarkable transformation” in Aceh 10 years after tsunami

An Indonesian city and province has undergone a “remarkable transformation” ten years after it was hit by a tsunami, according to a spokesperson for the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

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Possible war crimes being committed in Libya

Grave abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law, some of which may amount to war crimes, are occurring in Libya.

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UN actively “hunting the Ebola virus” in affected areas

Efforts are now being focused on “hunting the Ebola virus”, the UN Secretary-General announced on Monday.

Mr Ban Ki-moon has just returned from the West African region where he visited Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Mali.

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Humanitarian priorities for 2015 to be set by aid workers battling crises

The humanitarian priorities for 2015 will be set by relief workers battling crises and disasters on the ground, a senior UN official has said.

Over US$400 million has been pledged by donors to a UN fund in support of urgent aid needs for next year.

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Young working migrants resented in industrialized countries

Migrants provide the much needed labour and skills for the economies of industrialized countries, yet they are resented by host communities, according to an expert on migration.

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Action needed to save migrants from exploitative smugglers

A record 5,000 migrants lost their lives in 2014 as they attempted to reach other countries according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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