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Violence could have grave consequences, says Abbas

The President of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mahmoud Abbas, appealed to the UN on Wednesday to help stop the violence there, or else risk an “explosion” by his people that would have “grave consequences” for everyone.

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Syria terrorists must be beaten, says Russia

Russia announced Monday it wanted to see an end to fighting in Syria and called for action against terrorists who it called the biggest threat to regional stability.

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Persecution of civil society, migration crisis top concerns of UN human rights chief

An “exhausted and angry” High Commissioner for Human Rights today opened the 30th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council with a wide-ranging address in which he singled out countries by name for their role in accelerating human misery and implored decision-makers worldwide to swiftly establish an effective and principled policy to deal with the global migration crisis.

"Horrific" Boko Haram crimes in Nigeria

More details of dreadful violence by Boko Haram fighters emerged on Wednesday at the UN where the organisation’s human rights chief called for a response “of commensurate magnitude.”

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Israel, Palestine react to Gaza probe

Israel has criticised the findings of a high-level UN report into its conduct during the fighting in Gaza in 2014, saying it failed to take account of the complexities of modern warfare.

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Eritrea investigator calls for International Court probe

The Eritrean government faced renewed pressure over allegations of crimes against humanity on Wednesday, as UN investigators repeated their call for an international criminal probe into abuses.

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