Human Rights Council in Geneva

UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva - New expo shakes up aid preconceptions, plus a roundup of the week's news

In this week’s 15-minute podcast we hear about a bold new exhibition at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva that’s looking to shake up preconceptions about what humanitarians do and should be doing, plus coverage of the week’s top stories, including the latest on the Mount Nyiragongo volcanic eruption

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The world must not be ‘neutral’ on enforced disappearances 

The international community “should not be neutral” on enforced disappearance, independent UN human rights experts said on Monday, calling for countries to strengthen cooperation in investigating and prosecuting perpetrators. 


Now COVID-19 causes unprecedented halt to Human Rights Council session

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused unprecedented disruption in many areas of our lives, and that’s true of a key UN forum as well: the

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Youth, indigenous peoples, migrants and refugees boost hope for human rights: Guterres

People’s rights are under fire “in many parts of the globe,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Human Rights Council on Monday, before insisting that he was not “losing hope”, thanks to the progress made by powerful grassroots movements for social justice.

Human rights is more than a moot subject, say students

Raising human rights awareness among a new generation of youngsters from all corners of the world is vitally important if discrimination is to be beaten.

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