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Human Rights Council in Geneva

UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Tigray in Human Rights Council, Afghanistan heartbreak, Ukraine aid update

It’s been an intense week of face-to-face meetings in Geneva - just like the good old days, before COVID…Among the top stories we’ve been covering, there’s been grim but important news from Ethiopia and Syria in the Human Rights Council, a moving update from UN humanitarians in Ukraine, and significant progress towards holding elections in Libya - although they’re still proving elusive.


UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva - New expo shakes up aid preconceptions, plus a roundup of the week's news

In this week’s 15-minute podcast we hear about a bold new exhibition at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva that’s looking to shake up preconceptions about what humanitarians do and should be doing, plus coverage of the week’s top stories, including the latest on the Mount Nyiragongo volcanic eruption in eastern DR Congo, a new warning about global warming, and the Human Rights Council’s vote to launch a high-level inquiry into ‘systematic’ abuses in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel. With Daniel Johnson and Solange Behoteguy-Cortes, from the Information Service at UN Geneva.

UN Photo/Violaine Martin

Now COVID-19 causes unprecedented halt to Human Rights Council session

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused unprecedented disruption in many areas of our lives, and that’s true of a key UN forum as well: the Human Rights Council.

On Thursday, it announced the suspension of its current inter-governmental session in Geneva, meaning that voting on Resolutions is on hold, until it can resume its work, promoting and protecting people’s human rights across the world.

UN Photo/Daniel Johnson

Human rights is more than a moot subject, say students

Raising human rights awareness among a new generation of youngsters from all corners of the world is vitally important if discrimination is to be beaten.

That’s the view of top UN rights investigator Christof Heyns, speaking on the sidelines of a special legal debate, which is known as a moot, at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

It’s all part of the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition, where law students have to argue their case before a panel of judges and rights experts.

Daniel Johnson went to listen in.

Duration: 4’34”