Feeling kind of blue? Holocaust survivor lifts lockdown spirits through jazz

An 89-year-old pianist who escaped the Holocaust in Nazi Germany almost eight decades ago, has been explaining how he started playing jazz in memory of his sister, and has kept going through the COVID-19 lockdown, playing from the window of his Brussels home “to give people courage.”

Podcast: Holocaust survivor’s lifetime of peace-seeking

Holocaust survivor Rabbi Arthur Schneier has spent decades leading efforts toward religious freedom, human rights and coexistence around the world.

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Podcast: A child surviving the Łódź Ghetto

Broni Zajbert was six years old when Nazis forced his family into the Łódź Ghetto where he, his brother and parents witnessed the hunger, sickness and death that preyed upon Jews in their living quarters.

For five years, the family of four watched anti-Semite SS officers deport thousands of Jews on trains, never to return. Mr. Zajbert’s parents did everything in their power to keep their family alive, despite the nightmarish conditions in which they lived. 

He speaks to Natalie Hutchison for this edition of In Their Words: Surviving the Holocaust. Finding Hope.

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PODCAST UPDATE: ‘We Know That it is True. We've Been There’

At the time of this interview, Veronica Phillips revisited the question, why and how she survived the Holocaust whilst some six million other Jews did not.
Ms. Phillips passed away on 24 February, 2021 at the age of 94, shortly after we first published what will now stand for posterity as her final interview, in which she graciously shared her deeply personal account of survival.
As a teenager, Ms. Phillips endured appalling treatment, designed to kill Jews and other groups systematically targeted under the Nazi regime. After more than 70 years of silence, she began to share her testimony in hopes future generations would learn from her tragedy. 
For this podcast episode, she told Natalie Hutchison her moving story once more; from narrowly escaping death in the gas chambers of Ravensbrück, to rebuilding her life after the war. 

Music Credit: Ketsa

  • Life Illusions 
  • Soul Sale 
  • Day Before Tomorrow  
  • Somewhat Sad 
  • Lost One 
  • Hard Sell 
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‘Voices of resistance, resilience and courage’ – UN News podcast bears witness to lives beyond the Holocaust 

Before Vered Kater became a dedicated health worker, traveling to developing countries to administer aid to the needy, she spent her early years in hiding – from the Nazis.

Podcast: Who Saves one Life Saves an Entire World

Vered Kater knew from childhood that she would become a nurse. Not due to any special knowledge of the profession, but a desire to provide to others the type of intense care that delivered her from the Holocaust.

She speaks to Natalie Hutchison for this inaugural edition of In Their Words: Surviving the Holocaust. Finding hope from her home in Jerusalem, with a message of warning on discrimination that goes unchallenged.

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Rise in antisemitism during pandemic shows we can never let down our guard: UN chief

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to rising antisemitism which shows the world must remain vigilant against this persistent form of racism and religious persecution, the UN Secretary-General told an online event on Monday to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. 

Distortion of genocide ‘leaves a window open’ for extremism and hate speech, expert says   

Questioning details and attempting to distort actual history – its chronology or statistics – are just a few examples of Holocaust or genocide denial.  Often, that “leaves a window open ... creates oxygen in the room for extremism” and it is a signal of “prejudice, racist and antisemitic beliefs”. 

That’s the view of Sara Brown, Executive Director of Change, at the Centre for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education, in New Jersey, United States.  She spoke to Ana Carmo of UN News about the importance of education and counter the hate narratives.

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Holocaust survivors rebuild lives and traditions in Rio de Janeiro

With millions of people displaced from their homes worldwide, a UN ceremony celebrating Holocaust survivors in Brazil, has provided a stark reminder that throughout the 75 years of the Organization’s existence, the plight of refugees has been an ever-present theme.

‘Carry our stories forward’: Holocaust survivors share powerful testimonies at UN

When the Nazis invaded Poland, overnight, nine-year-old Theodor Meron became “a refugee, out of school, out of childhood and constantly in clear and present danger”, the man who would later become a Judge for International Criminal Tribunals told the United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony on Monday.