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High-Level UN Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14

UN News/Liz Scaffidi

“Coral nerd” biologist highlights reefs at risk

Perhaps the most surprising thing about self-proclaimed “coral nerd” Zack Rago, is that he grew up in the land-locked US state of Colorado.

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate, as highlighted at the UN Ocean Conference in early June.

As part of an effort to find out why - and to reveal the underwater mystery of coral reefs to the world – Mr Rago took part in the new documentary Chasing Coral, which was screened recently at UN Headquarters in New York.


Kenya takes advantage of “neglected blue economy"

Kenya has “neglected” the “blue economy opportunities” presented by taking care of the ocean in the past, and must be a better steward in the future.

That’s according to Kenyan environment, water and natural resources minister, Judi Wakhungu, who led the east African nation’s delegation to the historic UN Ocean Conference.

She said Kenya had to increase the amount of coastline that was under protection, and help preserve livelihoods.

Ms Wakhungu spoke to Grece Kaneiya.


UN News/Lulu Gao

On patrol with the group protecting turtles in Trinidad and Tobago

Conserving marine resources takes centre stage this week at the first-ever Ocean Conference being held at UN Headquarters in New York.

Dianne Penn recently travelled to Trinidad and Tobago and learned how a group called Nature Seekers, which has received UN funding, is protecting leatherback turtles which previously were butchered for their meat or even just for fun.

Leatherback turtles get their name from their soft shell and are the biggest turtle species on Earth, weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

Switch to refillable bottles to save oceans from plastic, says advocate

A growing movement aimed at getting Londoners to stop using throw-away plastic bottles has joined forces with the United Nations to save the ocean.

The UN-backed #OneLess campaign is distributing free water bottles to diplomats and participants of the UN Ocean conference in New York.

Some 8 million tons of plastic pour into the oceans ever year, equivalent to dumping a garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute, the UN estimates.

UN Photo/Martine Perret (2008) Dili, Timor-Leste

Voyager shares “beauty and horror” witnessed on the ocean

Spanish philanthropist, Álvaro de Marichalar, has been sharing the many “beautiful and horrible” things he’s witnessed during his time at sea.

The Sports Express Foundation (SEF) member was speaking on the margins of the historic United Nations Ocean Conference on Tuesday.

Mr Marichalar hailed the strong sense of solidarity between fishermen but also the downside of human behaviour at sea, such as spilling tonnes of plastic and garbage.

He recalled seeing a turtle die from eating a plastic bag and a dolphin succumb to its scars from an illegal fishing net.

UN News/Lulu Gao

Teen girl sailors urge greater ocean protection

Two accomplished teenage sailors from the Caribbean are calling for stronger laws against dumping litter in the ocean.

Kathryn Christopher and Savana Assam are in the racing class at the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association where students are taught the importance of keeping the seas clean.