Venezuela offers Haiti aid, including energy, senior UN peacekeeping official says

Venezuela, citing historical ties, has offered to assist Haiti in the areas of energy, education and economic development, the head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Caribbean country, Juan Gabriel Valdés, said.

Haiti: UN peacekeeper shot in leg as violence continues in capital city

A United Nations peacekeeper in Haiti was shot in the leg and seriously wounded when his patrol came under fire from armed bands in Port-au-Prince, the capital, yesterday as violence in the city continued to raise serious concerns.

Chief of UN mission in Haiti says mission must not leave prematurely

The chief of the United Nations mission in Haiti says the peacekeepers should not leave the Caribbean country prematurely, thereby repeating the same mistake that previous UN missions have made.

Peacekeeping mission in Haiti says armed groups have gone underground

Although the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti no longer needs to patrol in armoured vehicles, it says the armed groups it has been battling in the shantytowns of the capital have gone underground and the police must work most closely with intelligence services, a senior military official said.

UN mission in Haiti says murders have increased, appeals for calm

The United Nations mission in Haiti today condemned a rising rate of shooting deaths and presumed lynchings in the last two weeks in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and appealed for calm at a time when the priorities included establishing security and ensuring the return of a normal economic and social life.

Over 60 political parties register for upcoming Haitian elections, UN mission says

More than 60 political parties have registered for the Haitian elections scheduled to be held later this year and the United Nations mission "will not allow persons still attached to the past to prevent the candidates from campaigning, or depriving the population from learning about the candidates," the mission chief has said.

UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti continues fight to eliminate abductions

The United Nations peacekeepers patrolling the Bel Air shanty town have continued their fight against kidnapping in the district by finding a man who had been seized the day before and they said abduction has decreased significantly since the middle of last month.

UN peacekeepers in Haiti release sixth kidnap victim

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti, conducting a security search in the Caribbean country’s capital, has released a kidnap victim, bringing the total freed to six persons in about seven weeks.

UN peacekeepers in Haiti free fifth kidnapped person, perpetrators flee

United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti freed a kidnap victim this week, bringing the total to five persons whose release they have forced in six weeks, the mission said.

UN mission calls on political parties in Haiti to focus on children's rights

Launching a training course on child protection today, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) called on the political parties contesting the upcoming elections to put children at the centre of their plans, because too often, no one has taken responsibility for their rights, especially during conflicts.