UN health agency updates H1N1 flu vaccine recommendations

Single doses of H1N1 flu vaccine for adults, adolescents starting at age 10, and pregnant women are among the latest recommendations issued today by the United Nations health agency to combat the pandemic.

Zimbabwe launches plan to reduce impact of H1N1 flu – UN

Zimbabwe has become the first country to launch a landmark plan, known as the “Call to Action,” outlining key steps to reduce the threat posed by the H1N1 flu pandemic, the United Nations health agency has announced.

H1N1 vaccine may now cover more people, but still inadequate, UN warns

Global production capacity for H1N1 flu vaccines now stand at 3 billion doses per year, 2 billion less than projected in the spring, but potentially covering more people – even if inadequate – since a single dose may be sufficient, according to the United Nations health agency.

Head of UN health agency applauds H1N1 vaccine donations for developing world

The head of the United Nations health agency today applauded the announcement of donations of H1N1 flu vaccine made by several of the world’s richest nations, which will help boost supplies to populations that would otherwise not have access.

UN health agency outlines measures to reduce impact of H1N1 flu in schools

The United Nations health agency today outlined steps schools can take to reduce the impact of the H1N1 influenza pandemic, drawing on the recent experiences of several countries as well as studies of the consequences of school closures.

Nearly 2,840 deaths attributed to H1N1 virus, reports UN health agency

There are now at least 2,837 deaths attributable to the pandemic H1N1 which continues to be the predominant circulating virus of influenza both in the northern and southern hemispheres, the United Nations health agency reported today.

H1N1 virus found in turkeys poses no threat to human health, says UN agency

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today that the detection of the H1N1 flu in turkeys in Chile does raise concerns about the spread of the virus in other poultry farms, but added that it does not pose any immediate threat to human health.

Otherwise healthy people do not need antivirals for H1N1, says UN health agency

Otherwise healthy people infected with the H1N1 virus do not need to be treated with antiviral drugs, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said today as it issued new guidelines in the use of the drugs against the pandemic.

UN health agency advises South-East Asian nations in fight against A(H1N1) virus

The United Nations health agency is providing practical information and technical expertise to countries in South-East Asia to help reduce panic and encourage prevention against the influenza A(H1N1) virus, which has already claimed over 80 lives in the region and continues to spread.

Death toll from influenza outbreak nears 800, UN health agency says

Influenza A(H1N1) is continuing to spread through all corners of the world, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today, putting the global death toll from the pandemic at around 800.