Security Council urges ‘maximum restraint’ around Gulf region as Iran and United States trade diplomatic blows in New York

There is a need for “genuine regional dialogue” to address rising tensions in the Gulf, Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday, calling on Secretary-General António Guterres “to play a role” in bringing countries to the table.

News in Brief 13 June 2019

  • Guterres strongly condemns latest attack on oil tankers in Gulf 
  • ‘Heated clashes’ lead to 17 deaths in Darfur; AU-UN Mission launches investigation 
  • UNICEF report ranks the best and worst ‘family-friendly’ nations
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Wednesday’s Daily Brief: climate challenges for the Pacific, new global health tool, updates on Yemen, the Gulf and Somalia

This Wednesday, top stories includes: the UN chief’s continued visit in the Pacific to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change; in Yemen, the fatal price that children are paying due to a conflict they did not cause; a new tool to track medical products worldwide; drought in Somalia; and updates on tensions in the Gulf.

“Huge impact” of climate change in UAE

Climate change could have a “huge impact” on the United Arab Emirates, according to a senior negotiator from the Gulf state who is currently attending the COP21 climate talks in Paris.

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Ban deploys UN team to assess Gulf of Guinea piracy threat

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has deployed a team to assess the scope of the piracy threat in the Gulf of Guinea and make recommendations for possible United Nations support in tackling this scourge.

Calmer weather has led to rise in human smuggling across Gulf of Aden – UN

The United Nations refugee agency said the number of people crossing from the Horn of Africa to Yemen in August was three times the number of arrivals for the same month last year, as smuggling resumed earlier than usual due to calmer weather in the Gulf of Aden.

UN agencies urge action to prevent rising death toll at sea

The United Nations refugee agency and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are joining forces to call for more action to prevent deaths among boatpeople making dangerous voyages across the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Aden and other stretches of water.