Great Lakes

UN’s top envoy warns Great Lakes Region is ‘at a crossroads’ 

Speaking at a Security Council meeting on the situation in Africa’s Great Lakes region on Wednesday, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy, Huang Xia, told ambassadors that the countries concerned now stand “at a crossroads”.  

UN agencies appeal for $266 million to feed refugees in eastern Africa

A funding shortfall is putting the lives of some three million refugees in eastern Africa at risk, two UN agencies warned on Tuesday. 

UN Security Council urges an end to recurring cycles of instability in Africa’s Great Lakes region

The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday called for an end to the recurring cycles of violence and instability in Africa’s Great Lakes region, as a senior UN official reported that some armed groups are continuing attacks on civilians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

UN envoy calls for concerted efforts to avoid rolling-back of gains in Africa's Great Lakes

The United Nations envoy for the Great Lakes region today highlighted the challenges posed by armed groups which continue to threaten the region's stability and called for concerted efforts to avert any reversal of the commendable gains it has achieved thus far.

UN and Africa: focus on Rwanda, Central African Republic and industrialization in Africa

It didn’t just take our people, genocide “took away our dignity”

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Great Lakes women demand more active role in peace talks

Women-led groups in the African Great Lakes region are demanding a more active and integral role in on-going peace processes, a female activist has said.

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Ban highlights private-sector investment for potential to ‘transform’ Africa’s Great Lakes region

Although the succession of violence and suffering has sometimes prevented countries in the African Great Lakes from achieving their potential, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that the hard-working people must be given more opportunities to use their abundant natural resources in order to address the root causes of conflict and ultimately transform the region.

Ban appoints Algerian diplomat Said Djinnit as envoy for Great Lakes region

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced that he has appointed Said Djinnit of Algeria as his special envoy for the Great Lakes region of Africa tasked with bringing international awareness to the area’s challenges.

World Bank project aims to provide low-cost energy in Africa’s Great Lakes region

The World Bank today approved $340 million for a hydroelectric project that aims to benefit 62 million people in Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania – part of a Great Lakes regional initiative inaugurated by the Bank’s President and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during their first-of-a-kind joint visit to the region in May.

UN Great Lakes envoy convenes Burundi conference on women's engagement in peace process

Aiming to help develop a road map for women's engagement in efforts to bring peace to Africa's long-trouble Great Lakes countries, the United Nations envoy for the region has gathered nearly 100 women, including ministers, for a three-day meeting in Burundi to underscore the fact that “women's leadership matters.”