Africa-wide UN action plan seeks to save the gorilla

Low-volume wood-burning stoves to protect forest habitat, alternative livelihoods to replace bush meat hunting with beekeeping and the promotion of ecotourism are among steps planned under the United Nations Year of the Gorilla 2009, launched today, to save of one of humankind’s closest but critically endangered relatives.

UN experts to probe killing of highly endangered mountain gorillas in DR Congo

A United Nations-supported expert mission leaves for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) tomorrow to investigate the apparently senseless slaughter of mountain gorillas, a highly endangered species living only in national parks on the country’s north-eastern border with Uganda and Rwanda.

Snatched as infants, two gorillas flown home thanks to UN agency

It all began when they were snatched as infants from their home in Cameroon, their mothers possibly killed, and smuggled across the border to be put up for sale in a Nigerian city hundreds of miles from where they were born.