Gordon Brown

Investing in education - It’s ‘about the future of the world’ says global envoy

The UN Special Envoy for Global Education is on a mission to convince wealthy donors that investing in good teachers and classrooms is an investment in our collective future.

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'100 million' African children out of school: former Tanzania President

There are around 100 million African children out of school which is endangering the global push towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal

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New humanitarian education fund is “powerful lever for change”

A new humanitarian fund for education in emergencies launched at the World Humanitarian Summit, is “a powerful lever for change” that will help millions back into the classroom.

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“Greater allocation” needed for education in humanitarian funding

Education needs a “greater allocation” when it comes to humanitarian funding.

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War could deny education to whole generation

The impact of war means that record numbers of children are being kept out of the classroom, according to the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown.

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