UN Gender Focus: Burundi terror campaign; Webby nomination and Saudi Arabia women

Rape chants lay bare Burundi terror campaign: UN human rights chief

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UN Gender Focus: reproductive health, indigenous people and women in peacekeeping

Gender equality is “central to development”: UNFPA

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Women farmers can boost “under-performing” food production : FAO

Women need better opportunities and resources to help improve “under-performing” smallholder food production, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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News in Brief 20 March 2017 (AM)

“Fundamentally not appropriate” that disabilities committee has lone woman

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'The clear objective of our time is parity' rooted in women's empowerment – UN chief Guterres

Gender parity at all levels – political, cultural, economic and social – is a “central objective” and must be based on women's empowerment, Secretary-General António Guterres told women's rights activists and civil society representatives today during a town hall-style discussion at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Employers must address all aspects of gender-based violence in workplace – UN Women chief

Tolerating violence against women in the workplace will have a huge cost to employers, including lost productivity, legal expenses, high turnover, sick leaves and harm to corporate reputation, panellists today told a United Nations-hosted discussion, urging Governments and institutions alike to take responsibility for putting in place adequate standards and measures to prevent such practices.

UN Gender Focus: CSW61; gender pay gap and Afghanistan

#CSW61 focuses on women in the changing world of work

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News in Brief 15 March 2017 (PM)

Peace in Syria is a “moral and political imperative”: UN chief

The UN Secretary-General has issued two “urgent” appeals to all parties involved in Syria’s civil war, as it enters its seventh year this week.

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Actress Patricia Arquette joins UN fight to close gender pay gap

Activists, celebrities and governments are joining the UN to combat what they describe as the “great robbery” of pay inequality

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UN launches 'Platform of Champions' calling to end global gender pay gap

With women being paid an average of 23 per cent less than men, the United Nations has launched a high-profile network to call for equal pay for work of equal value.