Women’s representation in Colombia’s judiciary remains low

The number of women representing Colombia’s judiciary remains low and this, in turn, exacerbates gender inequality problems in the country.

That view is expressed by Belen Sanz, Country Representative of UN Women in Colombia.

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Teenager tells UN what it takes for girls to become leaders

One young woman from the United States has been telling the UN what it takes in her view, to become a civic leader.

Hariella Lawson, 17, says that the key is being open to any opportunities that may arise.

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Improved data collection key to solving gender issues

Improved data collection on issues girls face across the world, can provide a better understanding of their lives and help to solve their problems according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

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Women’s access to judicial rights needs a holistic approach in Nepal

‘Lack of awareness of legal remedies, complex court procedures and financial constraints are some of the issues women face in accessing justice. This is according to a UN official from Nepal.

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Indian “change-maker” educates women about rights

A 25-year old lawyer from India who has been nominated as a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, or

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Nagoya University in Japan champions gender equality

Nagoya University in Japan is accelerating the hiring of female faculty members as well as researchers and scientists, its president has confirmed.

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UN Gender Focus: access to water, burkini ban and gender inequality in the labour market

Time wasted collecting water a “double whammy” for women and girls

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Accelerating gender equality in Africa

Gender inequality in the labour market cost sub-Saharan African countries more than US$90 billion annually between 2010 and 2014.

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The “indispensable” role of men and boys in realizing gender equality

Men and boys are being encouraged to “think differently” about gender relations in order to achieve full equality between the sexes.

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More women in decision-making a first step towards gender equality

Having more women in parliament and other high-level public offices will go a long way towards achieving gender equality, a UN expert on the issue has said.

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