Gaza: UN suspends aid operation after second Hamas-linked theft of supplies

The main United Nations relief agency responsible for feeding 900,000 Palestinian refugees in Gaza today suspended all imports of desperately needed aid after Hamas confiscated hundreds of tons of food, the second such seizure in three days.

Israeli restriction halts UN programme preaching non-violence to Gaza’s young

Beyond the worsening shortage of food, mattresses, blankets and clothes for Gaza’s 1.4 million beleaguered residents, Israel’s continued closure of most access points is depriving the United Nations of paper to print out a human rights programme to teach children to eschew violence.

UN agency demands immediate return of seized Gaza aid

The United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees today demanded the return of relief items confiscated by police, who broke into one of its warehouses in Gaza and seized the supplies after UN staff refused to hand them over to the Hamas-run Ministry of Social Affairs.

Aid access, no interference crucial for Gaza recovery, says top UN official

The top United Nations humanitarian official said today that the success of relief operations in Gaza – the site of Israel’s recent three-week military offensive – hinges on three factors: access for aid agencies, a durable ceasefire and no political interference from any party.

UN appeals for $613 million to help Gaza recover after Israeli offensive

The United Nations today launched an appeal for $613 million to help people affected by Israel’s three-week military offensive in the Gaza Strip, which killed some 1,300 Palestinians, injured more than 5,300, 34 per cent of them children, and caused widespread damage and destruction.

Israel re-opens crossings to Gaza, but UN stresses need for much greater access

Israel today reopened crossings into Gaza that it had closed yesterday following a bomb attack along the border that killed a soldier, but the top United Nations official in Gaza stressed that access remained a problem with thousands of tons of generously donated aid sitting in Egypt, Jordan and the ports of Israel.

Israel must allow full access for aid and supplies to rehabilitate Gaza – UN relief chief

The top United Nations humanitarian official today called on Israel to immediately open up crossing points into Gaza for full access for massive relief aid and reconstruction supplies following its devastating three-week offensive against Hamas militants.

Thousands of Gazans remain homeless as UN again calls for aid access

Thousands of Gazans remain homeless and hospitals still have a large number of intensive care patients over a week after a ceasefire ended Israel’s devastating three-week offensive against Hamas militants, according to the latest United Nations update, which calls for immediate unhindered humanitarian access to the Strip’s 1.5 million inhabitants.

UN humanitarian chief continues assessing needs in post-conflict Gaza

The top United Nations humanitarian official, who is on the ground to assess needs in Gaza, has lauded the determination of those working to address the immediate needs of people in the wake of the recent three-week Israeli military offensive.

UN official urges steps to ensure Gaza crisis does not lead to further extremism

There is growing anger in Gaza over the recent Israeli military operation that inflicted death, damage and destruction in the territory, a senior United Nations official warned today, stressing that ensuring accountability and restoring the local economy are the main ways to make certain the conflict does not create more extremists.