Gaza: UN relief officials still lack Israeli bank notes to aid nearly 100,000 poor

United Nations refugee officials are still unable to get shekel notes into banks in Gaza, where Israel has imposed closures or restrictions on crossing points, leaving 94,000 of the poorest people without their regular cash assistance.

Palestinians in Gaza paying ‘heavy price’ as conditions worsen, says UN official

The top United Nations relief official in the occupied Palestinian territory today appealed to donors to provide urgent funds to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation there, particularly in Gaza, where continued border closures in recent weeks have prevented the delivery of vital food, medicine and fuel supplies.

Gaza crossing reopens today to allow partial resumption in aid – UN agency

A border crossing into the Gaza Strip opened today, allowing a limited amount of humanitarian supplies to the 1.5 million residents forcibly confined to the area, the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) reported today.

Ban welcomes Israel-Gaza cessation of violence

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the announced cessation of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza: UN and partners set to meet on critical humanitarian situation

The Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East (UNSCO) today reported that the world body and international agencies operating in the Gaza Strip were expected to hold an emergency gathering to review the increasingly dire humanitarian situation there.

UN agencies call on Israel to immediately resume full fuel shipments to Gaza

United Nations humanitarian and development agencies today called on Israel to immediately resume the distribution of sufficient fuel to the Gaza Strip to allow Palestinians there to go about their normal daily lives.

Food and energy situation in Gaza still ‘very difficult’ – UN agency

Food, energy and other basics of life in the Gaza Strip, where severe restrictions by Israel on the movement of people and goods have been in effect since Hamas’ takeover in June 2007, continue to be in short supply, the United Nations reported today.

Condemning Israeli actions in Gaza, UN rights council calls for end to all attacks

The United Nations Human Rights Council today labelled Israel’s response to recent rocket attacks from Gaza a war crime and “collective punishment against the civilian population” in a resolution that also called for an end to such military actions and to the “firing of crude rockets by Palestinian combatants.”

Food rations reduced as a result of closure of Gaza crossings – UN agency

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) will be unable to provide a full ration to 10,000 Palestinians on Sunday after all three crossings for goods from Israel into the Gaza Strip were closed today, UN aid officials reported.

Gaza: Secretary-General voices concern over closure of crossing points

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed concern over Israel�s decision to close crossing points used to transport supplies into Gaza, and highlighted the potential humanitarian consequences of such action.