In Gaza, UN resumes full aid operations interrupted by factional fighting

The United Nations agency that tends to Palestinian refugees has resumed full operation of its humanitarian activities in Gaza after they had been interrupted by recent inter-factional fighting.

Gaza: UN appeals for $2.5 million to ease ‘humanitarian disaster’ from Israeli attack

The United Nations agency caring for Palestinian refugees has issued an urgent appeal for nearly $2.5 million to ease the “humanitarian disaster” caused by Israel’s assault on the town of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip, which left 82 Palestinians dead, including 39 women and children, 260 wounded and “more wanton destruction” earlier this month.

Israeli grant to UNDP/PAPP to develop Gaza Strip sites evacuated by Israelis

With a $25 million grant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Israeli government made its first donation to a UN agency that will give the Palestinian territories an economic boost following Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Gaza Strip.

Gaza: UN agency resumes food distribution to 600,000 Palestinian refugees

The main United Nations relief agency for Palestinian refugees today resumed distributing emergency food aid to 600,000 people in the Gaza Strip following a three-week suspension after Israel imposed new restrictions at the sole commercial crossing point.