No country can solve its challenges ‘in isolation,’ Gambia President tells UN Assembly

Amid complex global multilateral challenges, Adama Barrow, President of the Gambia, told the United Nations Assembly on Tuesday that “no country can thrive or solve all its challenges in isolation.”

During our difficult times, ‘we knew we had friends,’ says Gambian President Barrow

Noting that the recent political crisis in Gambia had been a lesson that his compatriots will not easily forget, the Adama Barrow, the country’s President underscored that Gambians made an irreversible choice to close a “dark chapter” in their history and embarked on a national agenda of reform and transformation.

News in Brief 12 September 2017 - Geneva (AM)

Myanmar refugee exodus reaches "unprecedented" levels

More than 370,000 refugees have now arrived in Bangladesh after fleeing violence in neighbouring Myanmar in recent days, the UN said on Tuesday.

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News in Brief 19 June 2017 (PM)

“Deep concern” for safety of 100,000 in Syria’s Deir Ezzour city

“Deep concern” was expressed by the UN on Monday for the safety of around 100,000 Syrians trapped inside the city of Deir Ezzour.

It’s been besieged for nearly three years by the extremist group Daesh, or ISIL.

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West Africa can serve as a model for preventive diplomacy – UN political chief

The United Nations political affairs chief today stressed that West Africa could be a model of how the UN can work with local partners in bringing stability to regions or sub-regions.

News in Brief 17 February 2016 (AM)

UN underlines support for Pakistan after series of deadly terrorist attacks

The UN has underlined its support for Pakistan in the wake of a week of bloody terrorist attacks across the country.

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UN chief Guterres welcomes the Gambia’s rescission of its withdrawal from International Criminal Court

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the rescission the Gambia’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

UN and Africa: focus on East Africa, Gambian youth and World Radio Day

East Africa drought pushing food prices up sharply

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News in Brief 15 February 2016 (PM)

UN team assessing peace and security in the Gambia

A United Nations mission is in the Gambia this week to assess the peace and security situation.

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Job creation and entrepreneurship programme for Gambian youth

Fostering economic opportunities for young people in the Gambia is the goal of a new initiative launched this month by the country, together with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the

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