From the Field

UNICEF scales up efforts to assist children in Philippine’s hardest hit cities

UNICEF has been rapidly scaling up efforts in the Philippines to reach the most affected areas by establishing new field presences and mobilizing relief supplies to support destitute families.

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Deputy Head of Peacekeeping travelled to Afghanistan

Edmond Mulet, the Deputy Chief of UN Peacekeeping, travelled to Afghanistan recently to assess the future role of the United Nations mission in the country (UNAMA).

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Deaths in detention centres doubled in 2012 in the DRC

The number of deaths in detention centres in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) almost doubled from 56 in 2011 compared to 101 deaths recorded in 2012, according to a UN report.

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Islamic extremists violate human rights in northern Mali

Human rights abuses have become systematic in northern Mali where Islamic extremists have imposed a strict interpretation of Sharia law.

That’s what a senior United Nations human rights official who has just concluded a four-day visit to the country told UN Radio on Wednesday.

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UN expert calls for greater inclusion of indigenous peoples in Namibia

Indigenous communities in Namibia are demanding greater inclusion in decision-making at all levels, according to the United Nations independent expert on the rights of indigenous people.

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Côte d’Ivoire faces big political and economic challenges: UNDP chief

Côte d’Ivoire faces big challenges to promote national reconciliation and economic development as it recovers from the violence that happened after the November 2010 presidential run-off elections.

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“Critical test” ahead for Myanmar government

By-elections scheduled for April to fill parliamentary seats in Myanmar will be a “critical test” for the government as it carries out political reforms in the country.

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North Korea, a “humanitarian basket case”

North Korea has been described as a humanitarian basket case by a senior UN official.

The isolated Asian country has recently undergone a change in leadership with the international community hoping that it will open up and address human rights issues.

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