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Food Waste

Andrew Zimmern

‘We have an obligation to solve the hunger problem’: award-winning chef Andrew Zimmern  

Globally, enough food is produced to feed the world’s seven billion people, and yet 811 million still go to bed hungry each night.  

Award-winning chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern was recently named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), expanding his global advocacy to fight hunger and food waste around the world.  


UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Tigray, Afghanistan, and Palestinian economic decline

In this week’s show, the UN’s top humanitarian official says that famine is likely happening in Ethiopia’s Tigray, while food waste and poor diets continue to handicap millions of children worldwide, the Food and Agriculture Organization says.

We’ll also hear from an Afghan political activist who's speaking up for women's rights after the Taliban takeover, as well as bleak prospects for recovery in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from UN economists UNCTAD...and, a global initiative to tackle meningitis, with the help of the World Health Organization. 


© FAO/Sumy Sadurni

News in Brief 28 September 2021

  • Food waste: A global problem that undermines healthy diets - FAO 

  • New global meningitis strategy aims to save 200,000 lives a year  

  • COVID-19: Indigenous children and those with disabilities hit hard 


Natassja Ebert

PODCAST: Waste not, want not

Hunger is often associated with developing countries, but food insecurity is also present in higher income countries, including the richest country in the world, the United States.

The UN wants more people to understand that a way to effectively tackle the problem, and take a big step towards ending hunger, is to reduce the billions of tonnes of food that are lost and wasted each year.

The International Criminal Court unanimously sentences Bosco Ntaganda 30 years of imprisonment. (7 November 2019)

Thursday’s Daily Brief: DR Congo warlord sentenced, Iraq protest latest, UN food outlook report, Syrian humanitarian update, tech and the food chain

A recap of Thursday’s UN News stories: ‘Terminator’ warlord handed 30-year sentence; UN chief calls for ‘meaningful dialogue’ in Iraq; Disease slashes global meat output; Hostilities in northeast Syria a grave concern; and how the Montreal Protocol is impacting the food chain.