food security

WTO policies harming small-scale farmers in poor countries – UN expert

The current international trade regime backed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) is harming small-scale farmers in the least developing countries (LDCs), significantly increasing their risk of food insecurity and reliance on large-scale producers, an independent United Nations human rights expert warned today.

Efficiency of livestock systems must be improved – UN report

As demand for livestock increases, efficient methods to increase production will be crucial to meet global needs, a new United Nations report stresses, warning current production practices lack the necessary capabilities to provide sustainable solutions over the next few decades.

Developing nations offer creative solutions for tackling hunger, says Assembly President

The President of the General Assembly today lauded the Global South-South Development Expo held in Rome as a strong testimony to the creativity of developing countries to achieve global food security.

South-South cooperation crucial to guarantee food security – top UN official

South-South cooperation is a key element to tackle hunger and ensure food security, a top United Nations official said today, calling on countries to strengthen their partnerships at the Global South-South Development (GSSD) Expo in Rome.

Upcoming trade talks must focus on right to adequate food, UN expert stresses

The right to adequate food must be at the top of the agenda of next month's global trade talks, an independent United Nations expert stressed today, calling for bold policies to ensure food security.

Aquaculture has potential to cut poverty, combat food insecurity – UN report

More than 50 per cent of the world’s food fish will come from aquaculture, making it a crucial method to reduce poverty and combat food insecurity, said a United Nations report released today, while calling for governments to step up their efforts to support this practice.

UN expert urges leaders at G-20 summit to put right to food before industry interests

A United Nations expert urged world leaders today to put the right to food before industry interests when committing to a food security plan later this week at the G-20 summit in Cannes, France, warning of the negative impacts that biofuels and financial speculation have on this basic human right.

UN project seeks to make use of Nile’s resources to fend off poverty and hunger

A United Nations report released today on the use and management of water in the Nile River basin calls for new methods to boost agricultural productivity and warns that governments must take action to keep population growth and resource degradation from intensifying poverty.

UN agencies and US Peace Corps cooperate in fighting hunger

The United Nations and the United States Peace Corps signed an agreement today to cooperate in combating worldwide hunger by increasing food security in the 76 countries where the more than 8,600 US volunteers currently work.

Food price swings threaten to push millions more people into hunger, UN warns

The United Nations and international figures marked World Food Day today with calls for immediate aid and longer-term solutions, and warnings of factors that keep hundreds of millions mired in hunger, such as price swings and gender discrimination.