food insecurity

7.7 million people in DRC face “acute hunger” UN warns

Around 7.7 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) face acute hunger; a 30 per cent increase over the last year, two UN agencies warned this week.

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Worsening food insecurity forcing more people to migrate, finds new UN report

Highlighting the complex link between food insecurity and migration – where increase in one forces the other to rise and then spirals back to push the former even higher – the United Nations food relief agency has urged greater investments in food security and livelihoods at places of origin to prevent displacement and reduce forced onward migration.

New WFP operation in Yemen seeks to feed millions on brink of famine

Emergency food operations are being scaled up in Yemen to assist up to nine million people in what the World Food Programme (WFP) describes as one of the world’s worst hunger crises.

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More than half of Iraqis at risk of food insecurity

Further conflict in Iraq or a rise in food prices risks pushing more than half of the country’s families into food insecurity, the UN said on Monday.

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