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UN agriculture agency calls for global response to the food security crisis 

The COVID-19 pandemic could threaten food security across the entire world, if urgent action is not taken.  

That’s prompted the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to launch a new COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme, which aims to mitigate the immediate impacts of the pandemic while also strengthening food systems and livelihoods in the long-term.  

In this interview, FAO’s Charlotta Lomas speaks to the agency’s Deputy Director-General Beth Bechdol, who describes what the plan entails, and why a global response is badly needed. 

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Burkina Faso ‘one step short of famine’, warns UN food relief agency

Unless access is urgently granted to humanitarian organizations, thousands in the Central Sahel will be “pushed into further destitution”, the UN emergency food relief agency warned on Monday.  

Sudan floods: UN calls for urgent funding, as food insecurity mounts 

Sudan has been hit by devastating floods, the worst seen in decades, impacting more than 600,000 households across 17 of the country’s 18 states.  

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), urgent funding is needed to support a country already facing alarmingly high rates of hunger and food insecurity.  

Dominique Burgeon, FAO’s Director of emergency resilience, has just returned from a mission to Sudan.  He told Charlotta Lomas how dire the situation really is for people there. 

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