Bird flu: Annan pleads for urgent aid to poor countries, especially in Africa

Deeply concerned by the rapid spread of bird flu, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today made an impassioned plea for greater funding beyond the $1.9 billion already pledged to help poor countries, above all in Africa, to fight a disease that in a worst case scenario could mutate into a deadly human pandemic.

As bird flu spreads, UN health agency says properly cooked poultry poses no risk

With bird flu spreading to wild or domestic birds in 17 new countries since the beginning of last month, the United Nations health agency again stressed today that humans are not at risk of acquiring the deadly infection through food when poultry products are safely handled and properly cooked.

Bird flu may prove big threat to biological diversity – UN environment agency

A far wider range of species, some of them rare and endangered, may be affected by highly virulent avian flu than has previously been supposed, ranging from big cats like leopards and tigers to other mammals like martens, weasels and badgers to 80 per cent of all bird species, the United Nations environmental agency warned today.

Bird flu’s human death toll passes 100, UN health agency reports

The human death toll from bird flu has now passed 100, following the confirmation of five new fatal cases in Azerbaijan, possibly as a result of collecting feathers from dead swans, the United Nations health agency reported today.

Bird flu confirmed by UN in Afghan birds

The bird flu strain that experts fear could trigger a potentially lethal human pandemic was confirmed in birds in yet another country today, Afghanistan, and the United Nations mission there and the Government have taken immediate steps to prevent further infection, including culling and market closures.

UN outlines rapid reaction teams to try to contain human bird flu pandemic

Training exercises are to be conducted worldwide over the next few months to set up rapid reaction teams of experts to help put measures in place to slow and stop the potential spread of a lethal human bird flu epidemic, a senior United Nations health official said today.

Africa must curb bird flu and its chances of jumping to humans – UN health chief

It is critical for African countries to limit the spread of bird flu in animals and the concurrent opportunities for the virus to mutate into a potentially deadly human pandemic on a continent where veterinary and human health services are weaker than elsewhere, the head of the United Nations health agency said today.

As wild fowl spread avian flu over continents, UN prepares for human pandemic

With wild birds spreading the avian flu virus further into Africa and Europe, the United Nations system was stepping up assistance to countries in their efforts to contain the virus in birds and conducting simulation exercises to prepare strategies for quick action on a human future pandemic, the official in charge of the effort said today.

Falling poultry consumption due to bird flu threatens industry profitability – UN

Poultry consumption is likely to fall this year in many countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa that have been hit by bird flu due to unfounded fears of disease transmission, with declining poultry prices threatening industry profitability worldwide, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today.

UN agency sends official to Niger to advise on controlling bird flu

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported today that it has sent a Regional Coordinator to advise Niger, one of the world’s poorest nations, on how to control the spread of the deadly bird flu virus.