No easy human-to-human transmission of bird flu yet found – UN health agency

Although human contagion cannot be ruled out in a family cluster of bird flu cases in Indonesia, the United Nations health agency has so far found no evidence that “efficient” human-to-human transmission has occurred, a development that would signal a potentially dangerous mutation of the virus into a deadly pandemic.

Bird flu likely to inflict ‘tremendous damage’ on poultry as longer-term threat – UN

Beyond the prospect of a human pandemic, the bird flu crisis is not only an immediate, short-term problem but is likely to be a continuing emergency that will last several years and inflict “tremendous damage” to bird populations, and domestic poultry in particular, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today.

Annan names coordinator to prepare UN in case of human outbreak of bird flu

Aiming to shore up contingency plans for the operation of United Nations offices in New York in case of an international outbreak of bird flu among humans, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today named Imelda Henkin of the Netherlands as the world body’s new Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Coordinator.

UN bird flu coordinator stresses need for countries to plan for pandemic

The top United Nations coordinator for bird flu today stressed the importance of national plans for tackling a possible human pandemic of the disease, acknowledging that while the task is difficult and complex, the effects of a human-to-human outbreak would be so dramatic it would be “wrong” not to make coordinated preparations.

World must confront possible flu pandemic, UN health chief warns

The head of the United Nations health agency today warned the world’s leading industrial countries that the international community must guard against any shortfalls in its campaign to confront a potential flu pandemic.

Bird flu: UN agency sends team to Sudan to investigate suspected human case

A team of United Nations bird flu experts arrived in Sudan today at the request of the Government to investigate a suspected human case which, if confirmed, would make Africa's largest country the second on the continent after Egypt to report human infection with the feared and often deadly H5N1 virus.

UN co-sponsors multi-partner network to respond to tourism aspects of bird flu

The United Nations tourism agency today announced a multi-partner initiative to respond to bird flu and prepare for a possible human pandemic that could wreak havoc on an industry that was worth $622 billion in 2004, hosted more than 763 million travellers and is projected to expand at an annual rate of nearly 6 per cent.

Massive wetlands restoration key to slashing future threats of bird flu – UN report

Restoring tens of thousands of lost and degraded wetlands around the world could go a long way towards reducing the threat of bird flu pandemics by keeping disease-carrying wild birds away from infecting domestic poultry, according to a United Nations report released today.

On poultry farms, battle against bird flu showing some success, UN agency says

Although bird flu outbreaks continue in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Near East, with its arrival confirmed in 45 countries, efforts to combat the disease on poultry farms are slowly proving successful, the United Nations agricultural aid agency said today.

Bird flu: countries must share information despite fears of short-term losses – UN

Some countries worry that sharing information about bird flu will affect their economies, poultry industry and tourism business, but transparency is still the long-term solution for those concerns, a senior United Nations point man in the fight against the disease said today.