Americas must prepare for bird flu, UN agencies and partners urge in new drive

Though no cases of avian flu or its H5N1 virus have been reported yet in birds or humans anywhere in the Americas, United Nations health agencies and other partners today launched a new preparedness campaign for the disease, which they say could reach the hemisphere at any time and possibly mutate into a human pandemic.

Bird flu will remain a threat for years to come, experts warn at UN special meeting

While bird flu has been successfully checked in Western Europe and much of Southeast Asia apart from Indonesia, it is still expanding in Africa and will remain a threat for years to come, with the number of countries affected doubling to 60 in just the two months from February to April, United Nations officials said today.

Risk of bird flu spreading in humans remains high – UN health agency

The risk of bird flu evolving into a more transmissible agent in humans remains high, based on the widespread distribution of the H5N1 virus in poultry and the continued exposure of humans, according to the United Nations health agency’s first analysis of epidemiological data on all cases reported to it from December 2003 to April 2006.