UN-backed bird flu meeting in Indonesia aims to avert outbreaks among humans

Aiming to avert new outbreaks of the deadly bird flu virus, experts gathered in Indonesia today – a main locus of the disease – at a United Nations-backed conference which seeks to develop strategies for preventing its spread to humans.

Human-to-human bird flu infection ruled out in latest Indonesian cases

The United Nations health agency today ruled out human-to-human transmission of bird flu in four Indonesian nurses tending patients with the disease, confirming that none of the nurses has the H5N1 virus and easing fears that it might already be acquiring the ability to spread more readily among humans.

Wild birds could spread avian flu, UN-backed conference is told

Migrating wild birds could continue to spread virus that causes avian influenza, according to some of the scientists who participated in a United Nations-sponsored international conference that concluded in Rome today.