UN health agency to send team to check on bird flu in Iraq

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today said it will send an expert team to Iraq to examine reports of a fatal case of avian influenza, or “bird flu,” in the war-ravaged country.

UN and Vietnamese Government launch countrywide bird flu media campaign

In a country that has had the highest number of human fatalities from bird flu, the United Nations and the Government of Viet Nam today launched a media campaign to educate the public on how to stop the spread of a disease that has killed 79 people worldwide and led to millions of chickens being slaughtered.

UN bird flu coordinator hails ‘brilliant’ pledges of $1.9 billion to avert pandemic

The head of the UN effort to combat the spread of the deadly bird flu virus today warmly welcomed donor pledges of $1.9 billion to fight the disease made at an international conference in China.

UN health agency says it will use donated bird flu treatment for poor countries

Welcoming a donation by pharmaceutical group Roche of an additional 2 million courses of antiviral bird flu treatment the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today said the medicine would be used when needed in countries that are unable to afford it.

UN agency warns bird flu virus could become endemic in Turkey

Bird flu could become endemic in Turkey and poses a serious risk to neighbouring countries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today.

Bird flu in Turkey following Asia's pattern of poultry-to-human transmission, UN expert says

A United Nations bird flu expert examining an outbreak in Turkey today said the disease seems to be spreading from poultry to humans as it did in Asia, and called for stepped-up efforts to monitor its course.

No evidence Turkey’s bird flu cases came from human-to-human contact, UN says

A United Nations team is heading today for Turkey to help investigate two deaths from bird flu and nine hospitalized cases, the first outside East Asia, but no evidence so far would suggest that the cases represent human-to-human transmission, David Nabarro, the Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza, said today.