UN health chief and President Bush discuss bird flu strategy

United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Lee Jong-wook has discussed with United States President George W. Bush the international strategy for dealing with a possible human bird flu pandemic.

Bird flu: Annan seeks affordable drugs for poor States, meets pharmaceutical CEO

In an effort to ensure affordable treatment for poor States in the event of a human bird flu pandemic, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has met with the head of the pharmaceutical Roche group, and has voiced the hope that donors would be generous with funding to buy the Tamiflu drug in bulk for needy countries.

No bird flu risk for consumers from properly cooked poultry and eggs, says UN

Slaughtering infected birds poses the greatest risk of passing bird flu to humans, and chicken and other poultry are safe to eat if cooked properly, two United Nations agencies said today of the virus which in a worst case scenario could mutate into a deadly human pandemic.

Culling wild birds ineffective against flu: UN agency

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today warned against culling wild birds in cities in countries affected by bird flu, saying this could distract attention from the campaign to contain the disease among poultry in the battle against the virus that could spark a potentially lethal human pandemic.

UN health agency mounts joint bird flu mission in China

Following a new confirmed human case of bird flu in China’s south-eastern Anhui province, the United Nations health agency is joining a mission by the Chinese Health Ministry to investigate exposure to the virus, which in a worst case scenario could mutate into a human pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people.

UN-led alliance to develop bird flu early-warning system

An alliance of organizations led by the United Nations will develop an avian flu early-warning system able to alert countries and communities to the arrival of potentially infected wild birds, the world body's environment agency announced today in Nairobi, Kenya.

Bird flu: UN-sponsored conference draws up six-point action plan

Winding up a three-day United Nations-sponsored conference aimed at pre-empting a deadly human pandemic of bird flu, more than 600 delegates from over 100 countries today outlined a six-point global action plan, ranging from curbing the virus in birds to enhanced detection to funding for countries at risk.

UN-sponsored conference on bird flu opens with call for global action

More than 300 animal and human health experts from around the world opened a three-day conference on bird flu at the United Nations health agency headquarters in Geneva today with a call for global action ranging from boosting national preventive capacities to vaccine production to fight an inevitable human pandemic.

UN officials detail priorities for combating potentially deadly bird flu pandemic

Confronting the possibility of a potentially devastating human bird flu pandemic, the United Nations system – from Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to the UN health and agricultural agencies – today laid out a blueprint for immediate preventive and mitigating action.

UN, partners to convene conference aimed at forging global approach to bird flu

Several United Nations agencies and their partners will be holding a special conference next week in Switzerland to discuss a worldwide concerted approach to deal with the threat of an avian flu pandemic, according to the UN World Health Organization (WHO).