At UN, countries agree on guidelines to better manage the world’s fish stocks

With the world’s appetite for fish continuing to grow and three-quarters of global fish stocks either fully exploited, over-exploited or depleted, guidelines for strengthening a landmark treaty to protect those stocks were adopted today at United Nations headquarters, as delegations wrapped up five days of preparations for a May review of the treaty.

At UN meeting, countries call for strengthening treaty to curb overfishing

Faced with continuing illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing that is severely depleting the world’s oceans of their fish stocks, countries represented at a United Nations meeting on the issue today called for new measures to strengthen a global treaty to manage fishing on the high seas.

Wider use of fishing rights can promote conservation – UN agency

With pressure growing on worldwide fish stocks, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today recommended that governments assign more fishing rights as a means of promoting conservation.

UN-backed treaty puts caviar export quotas on hold pending new data

The United Nations-backed body that oversees a global treaty governing trade in endangered species announced today that it will not approve the 2006 export quotas for caviar and other sturgeon products until the exporting countries provide more data on the long-term survival of their sturgeon catch.