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Mobile Film Festival tackles universal goal of women’s empowerment

Documenting women’s empowerment globally is the theme of this year’s Mobile Film Festival, co-organized by UN Women, the UN agency that promotes gender equality.

Cristina Silveiro spoke to founder Bruno Smadja who explained why the focus is on a “very important revolution” that ultimately will benefit all humanity.   

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Human rights on film: Festival celebrates mobile-made movies, for a cause

For the 14th year in a row, the Mobile Film Festival rounded up videos from around the world to promote emerging talent from around this globe, this time, with the support of the UN. The Festival founder, Bruno Smadja, told Cristina Silveiro of UN News why making the competitiong accessible has been so important. 

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Road safety film festival lifts curtain on global scourge

Road accidents are a global pandemic that more countries around the world could help to eradicate through the power of cinema.

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Film festival in Lebanon seeks to unmask the lives of Syrian refugees

A film festival has been held for the first time in Beirut, Lebanon, in an attempt to expose the plight of Syrian refugees settling in the country.

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